First day of High School

Today was my first day of high school. At first i was really nervous, but it wasn’t that bad as i got used to it. I get most of where i’m going, and figured out some stuff, but there is still much to learn. The school is fine, one of the best around here i think. It’s called Jersey Village, and it’s in the jersey village area of houston. here are a few more details about the school:
the colors: gold and purple (colors that i don’t think go well together, and look kind of well, you know)
campus rating: recognized status
mascot: Falcons
grades: 9-12
those are just some basic facts. if you want to see their website, you can go here

i’m thinking of a club to join, but i don’t know which one. they all seem to be just like any other high school. but i’ll probaly try student council, or the UN club. i’m also thinking of trying out for the basketball team.
that’s all i have to say for now

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