Nice Sunday!

Yesterday was a very good day. I went rock climbing and had a blast. Also, on Friday, i discovered JV had a little rock climbing wall in a workout room. It’s not really big or anything, it’s the kind where you walk sideway and get across. But it’s still cool! Today was a good day too. I had grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast, then for lunch i had Wendy’s. I do not know what to eat for dinner yet. It will probaly be something good. I also got a new computer cd program thing. It’s called Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007. I really think it will help me in school and much more. I tried it out a few minutes ago, and it’s just great. It’s really cool and has lots of info and multimedia. I just love it! I wish i got it a long time ago. I think it’s way better than ‘Boring Britannica’ and a bit better than ‘Wacky Wikipedia’. I still like Wikipedia a little because it’s free and has a lot of content about random stuff, but it isn’t always detailed about some stuff, and sometimes the info is wrong. But it still is cool. I absolutely hate Britannica. I just wish that Encarta had some more magazine articles, and more info like Britannica. But it’s still way better I think. Anyways, that’s all I got today, and will try to update soon!

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