Labor Day!

Today is Labor Day! The day we celebrate how hard Americans work. This is also the day we get off from school. Today, was a good day. I went to the mall and got a new book at Waldren’s. It’s a Hardy Boys Book, called "Thrill Ride". It’s a title from the new series of Undercover Brothers. I really like to read Hardy Boys books. I also like to read Nancy Drew, Sammy Keyes, McGurk Mysteries, Hank the Cowdog, and other mystery books like that. It cost 5.40, including tax. Books are getting really expensive these days. I also wanted to get this magazine, but I’m not sure if I was old enough to purchase it, because I don’t want to be tagged, identified for it. Maybe I will find someone that looks old enough to do it. My brothers want to go to Chuck E. Cheese tonight, so I have to go to (kind of dorky place). Anyways, that’s all I’ve got today.


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