Bad Weekend – Really Bad!

This weekend has been really bad so far. Last Friday, I was working and there was this fly. At first I tried to ignore it, but it finally got on my nerves. I tried to kill it. Flies are so hard to chase. I hate it that they move so fast, and do it so aimlessly. I finally decided to use a small book thick book to whack it with. The fly landed on the window, and I tried to whack it. BAM! The window broke in pieces, and the book fell out. I was shocked! I didn’t think the window would do that. So I had to pick up the pieces, and ask a 2 of my neighbors to help me put a plastic board up, to cover the window. I called my parents, and they said it was ok. It’s already Sunday, and I haven’t been in trouble yet, so that must mean i’m off the hook. I still feel guilty though. My dad still hasn’t found somebody to fix it yet.
Saturday was also bad. We went to the eye doctor to get my new contacts. I have never worn contacts before, so I was inexperienced on how to put them on. One of the assisstants tried to help me. I tried to open my eyes the widest I can, but the contact wouldn’t go in. I never knew how small they were, and how much you have to take care of them. I tried again and again, and somehow, my contact fell to the ground, and I couldn’t find it. After about 20 minutes, the assistant, the doctor, my dad, and I couldn’t ever find the stupid contact. The doctor decided just to order another one on the house, I think. I still felt stupid. I really hate being blind. I just wish there was some easy stable cure that could stop blindness. I’ve heard about laser eye surgery, but I’ve read that they had side effects in the future. I just wish there was like some kind of liquid medicene you only had to drink once, and you were cured. I guess that would take decades from now. There was another bad thing Saturday. My little brother went to karate class, and my 2 other little cousins came to play with him, but he wasn’t home. So I had to entertain them with video games, board games, card games, and other stuff for about a hour and a 1/2. It was not that fun. By the time he got home(which was really late than usual) our family had to go somewhere. So he played Yu-Gi-Oh cards (which I really don’t like) with them, the real reason why Brian and Sammy came over. Ugh! I wasted a hour and a 1/2 when I could have been doing other things.
So far nothing bad has happened today. But something might. I just have to hope it isn’t too bad.

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