September 11 – The Day that changed America

Today is Patriot’s Day – otherwise known as Sept. 11, or 9/11. Today we commemorate the day, 5 years ago, when the terrorists hijacked US airplanes, and attempted to crash them in important US buildings. 5 years ago, I was in fourth grade. It seemed like a normal day. It was around noon time, that students knew something was going on, something bad. Parents came during the school day to pick-up their children, and we(the students) had no idea why. I was writing in my journal, somewhere after lunch, when my dad came to pick me up. When we got home, he showed me the footage on tv, of the Twin Towers falling in smoke, and I was really shocked. It would be only a few weeks later, until I fully understood what happened. All during that day, I felt awful.  It made me angry that there were people in this world that would try to harm innocent citizens, just to make a statement that we should fear them or something just as awful. The world is already awful enough, but with people like them, the world could end any day. We, the whole world, can only hope that terrorism like this can stop forever.

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