Good Friday!

I’m not talking about the real Good Friday, i’m just saying that today was a good Friday. Except for one thing, I forgot to bring my backpack to school. But I called my mom as soon as I knew, and she got to school to give it to me, right before 1st period. At least it wasn’t worst. Classes were easy today, and even the open-ended writing thing, in English, wasn’t too difficult. Everything was just easy-peasy. Also we had a pep rally today. There were rumors that the older students (seniors) would be tossing them towards the younger students (freshmen) again, like they did last year. They did that last year, and they never had another pep rally for the whole entire year. Too bad. This year, that didn’t happen, which is good. Also, right before I got to the pep rally, I saw that somebody had deposited 65 cents into the vending maching, and didn’t seem to get anything. So I pushed the Pepsi button, and nothing happened. Then I decided to do a coin change button, and out popped the 70 cents! I reput that back in the coin slot, and pushed the Pepsi button. It worked! I don’t see how the other person couldn’t have done a simple thing like that. At least I got a Pepsi for the rally. The pep rally at JV was ok, but I expected some more from it. But it was at least good. Everything else went just fine today, except the stupid thunderstorm that came right after school, and stopped the electricty for about 10 minutes. And the stupid plastic thing we keep using to cover the broken window until we get it fixed. It keeps falling off the window, even with tape. my dad hasn’t found anybody to fix it yet. There is also a football game tonight with JVHS against somebody from Humble. I hope we win! Sorry I haven’t been updating for the past few days. I was kind of busy. That’s all i got today.


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