It was a good Friday!

It was a good Friday yesterday. I got a 68 on my geometry test, but i got an 88 average overall. In English, we just did some simple searching for info about Greek/Roman mythology. Foundations of PF was easy again, and we did some rock climbing again. Biology was easy too, we just did this apple experiment, and we ended up eating the apple while we were watching this PowerPoint presentation. That’s the only class where I have HW. The Spanish test was EZ as pie. I got a 96 in it. Our teacher graded the scantrons in the next room, and it took only less than a minute. I always thought you had to put it in one by one, or something. Wow. Another boy also said that if it makes a beep, it means somebody got an F. And a boy named Robbie, got a 62 or somewhere in the 60’s, and we had heard a beep in the other room. So it must be true. Unless a 60-something isn’t an F. Or it could be a sheer coincedence. Who knows? World Geography was ez too. All we really had to do was answer 10 q’s on this SFA, and take some notes. Friday was a great day, except that Las Vegas the tv show wasn’t on. Oh well.

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