Nike or Adidas?

I have always wondered which is better, Nike products or Adidas products? After analyzing durability, design, traction, resistence, and many other factors, I have found both of them to be the same. The same in terms of which makes better products. At school, there are as much Adidas backpacks, shoes, clothing, and whatever you can think of as there are Nike products. Heck, even some kids wear both, like Nike shoes, and an Adidas backpack, or vice versa. I really like both also. They just both seem so good that it’s so hard to pick. Nike (NKE) had done better this week in the stock market though, so it makes you wonder. But never the less, I love both of them the same. Although Nike is kind of geared more towards sports stuff, and Adidas could be acceptable in both athletic, and casual wear, but Nike can be casual wear too. The point is that they are both good companies, but they can always stand to do better, and innovate their products to the highest potential for mankind. So next time you have a hard decision between the two, just remember, it doesn’t matter.


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