Zune Player : The next big thing?

The Zune Player is Microsoft’s attempt as to beating the ipod. So far it hasn’t been sold yet, and the release date will be Nov. 14. Now you are wondering "How will it be better than the ipod?". Well here are some good advantages of why:

  • Wi-Fi connection – the MAIN feature, you can send images, songs, videos, and other stuff on your zune to other zune people. You might also be able to purchase songs directly from Zune in the near future
  • Nice price tag: $149 – that’s exactly almost the same cost as the 30 GM video ipod.
  • Cool UI – slick UI, kind of like Windows Media Center, but with smaller, and with a background
  • Zune Marketplace – the place that sells Zune tunes, videos, and other stuff. I have a nice pic of it.
  • Easy interface – not to confusing and works
  • Viewing – you can view in either landscape mode (horizontal) or portrait mode (vertical). makes it great to view videos in horizontal mode.
  • EZ connectivity – you can connect to your PC, Xbox 360, and MSN Soapbox, which is really nice. (not connect to macs, sorry)
  • built in FM Tuner – listen to the radio with this sweet thing
  • bigger screen – no need to explain that!
  • nice subscription service – $14.99 for a month, called Zune Pass
  • more bang for it’s buck than the same priced ipod – depends on how much you think the buck is.

But there are also some disadvantages:

  • more bulky, and bigger than ipod
  • the case design can kind of look ugly depending on how you view it in the pictures
  • for now, only supports music from Zune Marketplace, kind of like iTunes to Ipod. NO Play for Sure! sorry
  • no EZ way to convert ACC formated music from Ipod to go to Zune. new Zune songs.
  • can hurt other buisness like Napster, URGE, Rhapsody, and many other music stores, since Zune won’t do Play for sure
  • no games
  • 1st gen product – you can’t really expect the 1st product to come out soaring you know!
  • comes only in 30 GB for now.

That’s pretty much it. So Zune does have a lot of nice features you won’t find on an ipod, but is it worth it? In the long term, yes. It might not dent Apple’s marketshare much, but in all due time, as the Zune gets better, people will buy it. So I say it’s worth a good try. Don’t underestimate it. Do you remember when the Xbox first came out? People scoffed at the thing, but look at it today. The Xbox 360 is one of the hottest thing out there, and is still in demand. If the Xbox can transform into the world’s highest selling game console, then the Zune has a perfect chance of improving to be the thing of the future. Only if people can support new ideas like that, then their might be hope.

Here’s a interesting link about Apple being possibly woried about the Zune, with good reasons.


here are some pics:


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