Homecoming Dance

Yesterday I went to the homecoming dance. At the homecoming game, we lost 27-0 :(! Oh well, next year will be better. The homecoming dance was fun though! I just hated the dorky clothes I was wearing, and the awfully tight shoes. I got to get some new dress clothes. I didn’t go with anyone, because I didn’t feel like going with anyone. The dance had a water-aqua theme, with blue balloons. I did meet lots of people at the party, and had some fun. I just thought there would be have been more exciting things like, fireworks, jugglers, bubbling fountains, live singers and bands, disasters, and crazy things like that. But, no. This is just a normal dance like any other normal American high school. I bought 3 drinks, for myself, and so lots of people I haven’t seen for a long time. They were taking pictures in the small commons, and I was sitting next to an empty set, and some people kept asking if they could use "my" set or gave me their card #’s. They actually thought I was some photographer! I mean come on! I don’t look that old, or so boring adultish. Sometimes, on the phone, my parent’s friends, (and sometimes’ family) think that I’m my father, who’s already in his 60’s. I mean come on, do I really seem that old? I may act old sometimes, but it’s only because I’m just not into some things. But don’t think I’m old or anything! I’m just mature for my age, I think. Anyways, the dance lasted until around 11, and I was real tired by then, because of the stupid shoes. I didn’t go to any after parties( the parties that come right after the long dance) because I was so knocked out. I never got to really see the king or queen at the dance. Actually, I barely knew who they were, because they never announced it at the party. I only got to know it by asking some random person. I just hope next years dance will be even better, and that we win our homecoming game.  Go JV falcons!

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