Library Systems!

I went to the library today to see if I could find a video about cells, so I can study up on it for tomorrow. I looked through the Bill Nye videos, and couldn’t find 1 video about cells, even though there are usually many videos there. Rats! Then I decided to look for some other videos about cells, and couldn’t find any. I guess today wasn’t my lucky day for going there. I checked out the books, but my mom came up with some of her own books, so I went to check them out. I came to a different check-out lady, and as she was scanning books, she told me that one of the books on my card hasn’t been returned. It turned out to be some Scooby Doo book, that my brother probaly checked out. Although I was still surprised because I never remembered bringing any books late. And if this book was "missing" why didn’t the 1st check out lady tell me about this? Geez. I just asked my bro, but he said he doesn’t remember a thing about it (although he probaly never read it, just to check it out so he looked like he read it) and I’m going nuts. I think the library made a mistake. Sometimes, when a librarian is checking books back in, the scanner goes through the ID number on the book, but sometimes the scanner might miss the book somehow, and the book is put on a cart to be shelved. The book is in the library, but it hasn’t been cleared from your name, so it would appear that you still have it, even though you did turn it in. So I will check at the library next week to see if the book is actually there, and if it’s not, I’m sunk. Geez, libraries these days just aren’t consistent. Or at least the ones in Houston.


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