I just hate myself!

Today, I’m just going to write about how much I hate myself and why. So this will either get boring or interesting, and I’m just doing this to vent frustration off. I hate that I’m so boring, I just don’t have a life. I don’t go to people’s houses often. I don’t go to wild parties, and all that. I am social at school, just not away from it. I hate that I’m so smart in academics. I just wish I could be smart at cooler things like playing the trumpet, composing music, riding a dirtbike, and doing other fun stuff. I just am not interested enough to commit myself to these things. I spend too much time worrying. I always worry about the silliest things like what to do, and if it’s right. I’m just plain wishy-washy. I hate that I have tons of acne. I have been using ProActiv for over 2 months now, and it’s just not working. It could be that it only works for girls, but I doubt it. I always am jealous of everyone, because they have far less acne that I do. I hate living in the suburbs. There’s nothing to do but ride my bike and stay indoors. I hate having to mow the stupid grass. I hate that it’s so far to walk to the nearest brand name store. It’s so stupid. I’ll probaly be a more of a city boy when I get older, and live urban. There are plenty more things that I hate about me, but I’ll probaly talk about them some other time. I’m so tired already.

3 responses to “I just hate myself!

  1. That seems very close to the way things were for me. Somedays are still like that, but someone gave me some advice and every now and then I apply it accordingly.  Trun your weekness into strength.  Chances are you are not alone with your point of view, be a leader to the ones that are the same.

  2. I couldn’t help but read ur blog and I was wondering why are u trying so hard to become other people? Why can’t you appreciate who you are? Stop comparing yourself to others because it only makes u unhappy. Focus on yourself and how you can achieve your goals. And you should not HATE being so smart in academics. Good grades help you succeed. Do you rather be a good looking guy with a low paying job or a smart intelligent man? Appearance isn’t everything and your ache will eventually go away. I wish you the bestest luck and hope you find your true self and happy with it.

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