U.S. population hits 300 million!

On Tuesday, October 17, 2006, at 6:46 A.M., the 300 millionth person will be born in the U.S. Experts think that the baby has a good chance of being a male, Latino, and born in Los Angeles by to a Mexican immigrant mother.
Doesn’t that sound interesting? I wonder when the U.S. will have 400 million. Maybe by 2020? At this rate who knows what. Here are some facts I found about population growth in the U.S. at this time:
  • every 7 seconds a baby is born
  • every 31 seconds a new immigrant moves to the U.S.
  • every 13 seconds someone dies

So it’s no wonder that the U.S. is growing at such a quick rate. But it might make some people worry. Like what will happen if there are too many people in the U.S., or on Earth? Will there be widespread unemployment, hunger, and just plain havoc? Studies prove that if there are less people, the general welfare is more higher and better. Like if you have a kid, you would have to spend some extra money on that kid, and in a way, would make you poorer. That’s what you see in European countries, where more couples would rather have more money, than having to support too many kids. It’s the opposite in many Asian countries though, where they would rather have kids, and not care much about the money(or even consider that). So I would think it’s best if we had less people populating this world, so that everybody doesn’t have to suffer from overpopulation(or almost that).


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