Ms. Dewey Search – A new search engine!

She is a librarian from the future, here to share info from the web. She is Ms. Dewey, a gorgeous looking, chatty, woman with a snappy attitude. Her name(if you haven’t guessed) comes from the Dewey Decimal System, you know, the way things are indexed. Sometimes when you search for something like Texas, she would say "Let me guess, you must be from Texas" (How’d she know?) If you look for Black Eyed Peas, she says some lyrics with lots of profanity (substitued with bleeps) before the search results show up. She also can get a little impatient at times (around a mintue and a half I think) and might call out to you, knock on the glass, and says she’ll take over the world. The search results do take a bit of a long time to load, especially when she’s really chatty about your search. There’s also less search results (although I never do care to have millions of search results anyways). She’ll fling rubber bands, jot down stuff in her notebook, or play with her PDA once in a while. And you the only thing you can search for is on the web, no images, news, or anything like that. I find that I like the search more to just see her actions, rather than the results. But I still like it none the less. I wouldn’t use it as a  place to search, just more as search with entertainment. Here is the search site: Have fun!

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