I like boxer briefs

I like boxer briefs. I don’t exactly like boxers. I definitely don’t like briefs. Briefs (a.k.a. tighty-whities) are a fashion no-no. If you are ever caught in your underpants (whether your pants fall down, or in bed..) you don’t want to get caught in your briefs, because they kind of look unappealing. They reallly make you look dorky. Although some people do wear them because they like the comfort they have to offer. Boxers are okay too, but some people find it uncomfortable, and just sticks out more than they should. They can look stupid if they have little cartoons on them, or weird things on it, and you are changing in a locker room, you would kind of look childish. They can really look unprofessional in a place if you are caught with some really stupid ones. They also often hang out over the pants more often, and if you’re not fond of showing them off, then it can be embarassing if you just happen to notice they were really sticking out in the back, and you’ve been walking for a long time already. Boxer briefs are the mix of "boxers" and "briefs". They combine the casual look of boxers, with the comfort of briefs, making them look sexy. These days, you’ll find more men switching to boxer briefs, than any other type of underwear out there. You see them more often whether it’s on a Calvin Klein ad, on TV, or the person that share the locker right next to you. So stop buying ugly briefs, and uncomfortable boxers. Go for the boxer briefs, they are the future.
There are men that might wear thongs, or nothing, or other but since they’re not really popular for the average man, I’m not including them.


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