Looking back to the present

I hope that one day, when I look back to now, I can say that I was proud of myself and accomplished some remarkable things. I don’t want to be a sucessful adult with a boring past. I only have about 3 years until I’m 18, and I don’t have much time left. I’m not on the football team, because I’m not good enough, and I barely know a thing. I’m not in Band, because I think it’s already too late to start, and it seems so hard to do. I’m not in Science Olympiad because I’m not smart and motivated enough. I’m not in the Model UN (which I originally wanted to be in) because I’m not good with politics. And beyond school extracurricular activities, I don’t have much with that either. I don’t go out much since nobody can give me a ride, and I really don’t have much of a reason to go anywhere. I don’t like going out during the daytime, because mostly it’s too sunny, and it makes me worry about my skin. I don’t participate in any organizations out there, and so I don’t contribute much to this world. The only thing I can do is just think about these things. I can always imagine myself being part of this world, but I just can’t do it. I just don’t have any interests, and that means I’m doomed for life. The only thing that I think is possible is Journalism. It’s something I find easy and fun to do, but I worry that I’ll make horrible articles, or mess up somehow. Nobody likes people that don’t participate in anything, and that means everybody hates me. The only other thing that I’m really good at doing(besides journalism) is helping people. Assisting them. If somebody has a question, I like to try to help them the best I can. I’m also good at giving advice, because I’m the kind of person that thinks a lot about how everybody relates to one another, or the social parts of our little society. Other than that, I’m nothing, and when I look back, I’ll regret ever living, or doing nothing useful with my life.

2 responses to “Looking back to the present

  1. Hey, I don\’t know you, and you wrote this a long time ago, but I\’m not in science olympiad either and I am DYING to go (it\’s going on right now in Illinois). At my school, the people who get to go are decided by a teacher depending on whether the teacher thinks they are smart or not. Believe me, a lot of people that go aren\’t absolute geniuses. If you even have a chance, please go! I will never get a chance to go. Take advantage of what opportunities you have! And if you\’re only 15, it\’s definitely not too late to join band. Take advantage of every single opportunity, seriously!

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