Microsoft Student 2007 – What I like and what I don’t like

Microsoft Student 2007 has already been selling for a while now, so it’s not new or anything. Many people would say why bother having it? Just use Wikipedia. I do use Wikipedia. Just for more everyday things like finding info. on a certain gadget or site or certain term. Things I can’t do on Encarta. But everything I can do on Encarta gets done on Encarta. It includes Encarta along with some Student resources to help you. I bought it at Sam’s Club for about $45. I’ve tried it for about 2 months now, and this is what I got so far. What I like:
  • nice interface – not as good as the previous editions, but I still like it, because it’s still easy to navigate and doesn’t confuse me at all
  • nice multimedia – I like the virtual 3-D tours of some places around the world like the Colosseum because it makes it so life like
  • wonderful homework tools – cool timeline, how-to’s on how to maker graphs, pie charts and stuff, detailed and good math help, with even a customizable calculator skins, helpful diagrams
  • good price – depends on where you get it, I looked at Best Buy, and their price was about $20 more than the one I bought at Sam’s Club, which costed about $45, but it’s still a nice price
  • great Dictionary & Foreign Lang. tools – has about every word I need with most having a pronunciation sound button so you can hear the world.
  • great Geography tools – includes an interactive atlas and nice map features, with a good database of countries
  • awesome quotations – i can see them being handy
  • neat design and layout – not too cluttered, and everything’s just in the right spot so it’s easy to read

But then there are some bad things:

  • long download time – takes about 20 – 30 mintues for me to install it
  • horrible updating of content – you have to press the update button (it doesn’t update on it’s own), and the last time I had to manually download it into my folders, which is not a nice thing, but today it worked
  • needs more info. and content – although they are nice articles and multimedia, they need some more info. on stuff, and more multimedia they like only had 4 pieces of interactive mutlimedia along their articles
  • doesn’t automatically give you a free "MSN" Encarta Subscription for buying the retail Encarta. – Microsoft Student already has that, so why does it need you to buy another Encarta on the web? I just want to see the quizzes and articles about college and not have to see ads and stuff.
  • not lots of Sports content – they don’t even have much about the recent 2006 Olympics. Just a datachart and a few articles about some important athletes that went there.
  • the Atlas is so 20th century – it’s like still 2D and so is the road map. they should put in a modern 3D one so it’s more visually appealing to see the globe. The tools are nice and all, but they should make the globe itself 3D or better
  • Periodic Table is too small – they expect me to read that? they don’t even have an option for making it bigger
  • there of course isn’t a book summary for everything – but they do have the most crucial ones
  • Foreign Language translations are slow – they’re not like instant translations, it has to get the whole detail right first.
  • more Scienece topics – not very detailed like all the other subjects; something they should work on

Overall, I still like Microsoft Student. It has everything I need and in a good-to-read way. It just need some basic tweaks and stuff, and it would be the ultimate product out there to buy. Let’s just hope the next version is better.


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