I’m finally doing better in English, but awful in Geometry again

I got an 88 on my English quiz over the 6th passage in the Odyssey! Usually I get less than B’s in that class so I’m proud of myself. Today I also got a 94 on my other English quiz today over 3 books in the Odyssey. I think I’m finally getting it. But I’m doing so awful in Geometry. We’re doing Proofs, Statements, Reasons, and that stuff. It’s so boring, and hard. I mean come on! Who’s actually uses this stuff in real life? Except very smart mathmaticians like that guy on Numb3rs (http://www.cbs.com/primetime/numb3rs/ ) to solve everyday things.  It’s so boring and hard. I fear that I might fail that class, and get demoted. I also got a 100 on my Spanish test today! Spanish is so easy. Mr. Kaufmann makes it so understandable, unlike what I did last year in Spanish 1. In Biology, I always seem that I’m always a few points behind everyone. Like I got this 90 on a test, while most other people got 92’s, 94’s, 96’s, and so on. Today we got some other quizzes back and I got a 90. Most everybody else (about 90%) got a 100 on it. It was only because I was one of the few people in the class that got a different test that had that tricky question "What does the suffix in photosynthesis mean?" I said "of light". It turns out that "of light" is the photo part. synthesis is ‘to make’. Everybody else got the easy "What does the prefix of photosynthesis mean?" that was my answer. I found only 3 other people that had the same question as me. Why does bad luck always have to happen to me? Oh, well. I guess I should have known that anyways. Well, I’ll try to work harder this weekend. Then I should see some improvement.

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