Thank you for not smoking (Really, I mean it!)

If there’s one thing I wouldn’t mind saying "hate" to, is smoking. Now if you’re reading this, and you’re a smoker, then I’m sorry for aiming this at you, but I’m just talking about the smoking factor. I know that not all smokers are bad, but I think smoking is a bad habit. The main thing that gets to me is smoking at public eating places. When I want to go eat at a restaurant, I want to go in and eat food without somebody puffing that nasty smell near my food. In Houston, restaurants have to have a separate place for smokers with a good ventilation system there. Although smoking is allowed in bars and outdoor patios. Although Houston City Council is trying to get a more stricter smoking ban, which I wish they would pass faster. The one thing I don’t get about smokers is why can’t they just smoke in the privacy of their homes? That way they don’t bother people who aren’t so in tuned with smoking. But do they have to do it at public places? It’s like having sex or making out in public places. It just isn’t appropriate. It should be done in the privacy of your own place. That way nobody can get annoyed at all. (I doubt non-smokers bother smokers at all) So my main point is if you want to smoke, do it at home. Not where many people come to meet and have (the chance) some fresh air.

7 responses to “Thank you for not smoking (Really, I mean it!)

  1. Hi There!  Just poping in to say cheers for dropping by my space and leaving comments 😀  I like your space alot!!!  As a smoker myself (and struggling to quit cause its just so damn nasty) I have to say yep to all that you say.  In New Zealand we arnt allowed to smoke inside in any public places (even the pubs!) and its soooooo much BETTER!!!!!  Even us smokers like not having to eat through smoke.  That would be like takeing a puff on a ciggy and before exhaling taking a bite of food and oh eww….thats just hidious. 😛
    all the best

  2. @Jules:
    Thank you for visiting my space! At least somebody reads this boring blog. I thank you for your agreeing that smoking in restaurants is bad. Maybe someday you will quit. Just get motivated! I love your blog too!

  3. I am so agree with you.
    And I like your pictures of San Francsico in your space,oh by the way,I am Chinese,pleased to see your blog.

  4. hey thougth id say hi even though i did yesterday am i freaking you out? sorry well just reading this blog and i live in aust (state of tasmania) and we\’re the first state in australia to have a \’Nobody Smokes Here Anymore\’ policy where there is a law against smoking in indoor places, restaurants, PUBS & CLUBS etc, or in grandstands at sports like cricket & footy. yes if u are at a restaurant sometimes there is a place outside for smokers but defintatlye NO SMOKING INSIDE. its a good rule and the rest of australia is quickly following suite with Queensland set to follow next year.. as you can tell i hate smoking too its disgusting and ruins ur health i dont know why ppl do it. pet hate-seeing PREGNANT women smoke or teenagers..

  5. @Morning Star Ninjette:
    Thank you for agreeing with me. It\’s nice to hear that the Australia is in with the no-smoking revolution.

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