Jewel, Beyonce, and Blue October are going to be at the Halloween Spooktacular!

Jewel (, Beyonce ( and Blue October ( are going to be at the Halloween Spooktacular! They’ll be singing at the Outdoor Pavillions and during the Fall Ball at Jersey Village High School. This will be awesome. I’ve always wanted to see them live. Maybe I’ll get an autograph. It’s so cool that they will be there. I think Beyonce and Blue October come from Texas, so it would make sense of course to play hear in Houston. I’ll be wearing a ghost costume to the Fall Ball. It’s really a costume ball during the Halloween Spooktacular, but only for the people that actually attend JVHS of course. The Halloween Spooktacular is probaly going to be tons of more fun than last year. Last year, when our school first opened, we had a Halloween Spooktacular during that October. It wasn’t fun. It was raining and soaking wet. People litteraly had to drive their kids around in cars and vans, if they wanted to go trick-or-treating. We had to have the festival inside, and it was crowded. They had to shut down the festival because it became just too much. I don’t think it will rain tomorrow though. It will rain Wednesday, but I doubt it will tomorrow. If you don’t live in the Northwest part of Houston, then you got to know that the Halloween Spooktacular is the BIG thing happening in our area. With the fact that Jersey Village High is the most coolest school you have ever seen. And with the fact that music stars will be here, it’s going to be the hit of Houston. I just hope that no disasters will happen. I heard that in Dallas, they had a similiar high school festival in 2004, the whole thing got ruined by some teenage punks causing mayhem by riding motorcycles through the fairgrounds and dragging on wagons full of other teenage punks wearing costumes. The other teenage punks also had a big supply of water balloons and water guns with them, so it did get kind of wet.  They did get caught though, because 2 motorcycles ran out of gas just barely leaving the fairgrounds, angry guests and police ran to vindicate the motorcyclysts and the 2 wagons of teens. But I doubt this will happen to our school. Maybe it might, but I doubt it. Sorry if this blog sounds a bit runny, and incoherent, but I’m just very excited. Too bad I can’t find the USB cord that connects the camera to the computer, so I can share some pictures. So if you’re celebrating Halloween, have a great time!

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