The Halloween Spooktacular

It was a blast! I got there at around 6:00, and the festival was fantastic. You had to pay a $16 ticket to go in, but half of that would go to the Houston Homeless Charity Organization, so it was all for a good cause. There were rides, including a ferris wheel, super slide, bumper cars, the haunted house and other stuff. There was great festival food. Mrs. Bodain makes the best carmeled apples! The parade was also cool with many interesting floats and cars. There was a baking contest, arts & crafts contest, jack-o-lantern carving contest, pumpkin pie contest (both eating-as-much-as-you-can and baking), most scariest nasty costume contest, and lots of other ones I forgot. This time it didn’t rain, which is great. The Fall Ball was so awesome. Beyonce, Blue October, and Jewel were so great! I still can’t believe I saw them live at my school. It’s cool that I actually got to shake Jewel’s hand. Student Council really outdid themselves this time. There were tons of decorations in the cafeteria that you could hardly believe it was a cafeteria. I didn’t won first place in the costume contest though. I guess 2 holes in a blanket isn’t much for being a ghost. I would have shown you pictures, if only I could find the USB cord, AND found the darn camera. You should have been there. There were flamethorwers, clowns, jugglers, and orange glowing fountains. When the Jersey Village area throws a festival, they throw it BIG. Almost to the extreme. There was also a fire show. There were these cool dancers who danced with fire in sort of like a Circus du Soleil with fire and extreme action music. You had to be there to see it. I stopped by the Starbucks in the SE sector (yeah, there’s actually a Starbucks that operates both inside and outside my school, go figure) and see if they were giving any specials. I didn’t find any, but I did find $20. I would have given it to the lost and found, but I doubt that the person would even bother looking for it during this big festival, and I really needed it to buy this game I wanted. Call me greedy, but that person probaly had hundreds of bucks in his pockets. And lots of people make false claims at the lost and found, so it isn’t worth it to have the $20 go to some lucky guesser. I did won a Starbucks giftcard at a raffle ticket sweepstakes, so I got myself a cheesecake (I’m not much of a coffee person). When I came home, I discovered that our street was the most dead street in the neighborhood. Our family, was basically the only family to give out candy on our street. Which is like 1 out 35 houses on the whole street. My mom also just bought 2 bags of candy, 1 bag of 15 peanut M&M’s, and 1 bag of 20 snickers. So by luck, my parents already ran out during half that time, and they had to scrummage around for other things. They could have just left the lights out, but I told them they should just keep staying out so that people wouldn’t think that our street was something to avoid next year. My neighborhood, or my side is so awful in giving candy during Halloween. Rolling Fork however seems to have tons of nice candy givers with lots of decorations. I’m so jealous of them. So my Halloween was basically extraordinary. I might not have this kind of Halloween for such a long time. I hope y’all had a wonderful Halloween too if you celebrate it.

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