Not many people in the continental U.S. use Live Spaces

Everytime I look on the space update map on my blog, I rarely ever see a space updated in the continental U.S. I see them in Australia/New Zealand a lot. About every 26 seconds there’s someone from China. Europe has lots of spaces being updated. Aftica, mainly South Africa has many updated spaces. South America gets 1 done so every 40 seconds. Canada has some going updated a lot too. But the continentla U.S. rarely gets an updated Live Space. There’s only one reason why. MySpace has taken most of those people. I don’t use a MySpace because I find using Live Spaces is more easier for me, and at least makes me somewhat unique. I also like it that if you search quikboy on either Live Search, or Google search, my blog is the first one that pops up. I like it that way. It doesn’t work on Yahoo! search though. I don’t even make the top 10. If I had a MySpace account, I would probaly be among dozen’s who might have similiar name like me within the U.S. I always look at the update map to see if there are other spaces I can visit and get them to visit my space. But it’s really hard when people who live across the world don’t even speak English. That’s why I would appreciate it more if there were more Live Spaces in the U.S. Or maybe, I just look at the wrong time. But as far as I know, there’s barely anyone in the U.S. with a Live Space.

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