What would you do with a high school senior?

Jersey Village High School – They are having a Senior Auction at my school on Nov. 6-7. They are going to sell high school senior to donate to the school. What would I do with a high senior if I bought one? I would make him/her do my homework. I would make him/her buy me stuff. Actually if I had to pick anyone from the auction, my first choice would probaly be a male, because a girl wouldn’t do anything for me. If it were to be any boy, I would want him to be smart, can drive, quick, helpful, powerful, not bad, out-going, is not boring, good looking, obeying, and isn’t abnormal. That’s at least what I’m looking for. If I might decide to get a girl, I would want her to be pretty, fun, nice, cool, obeying, funny, maybe hot, smart, and isn’t weird. Maybe the senior and I can be even more than friends. Maybe we can take on the relationship to the next level. Maybe. Or at least still be friends after I own the person for a week. Too bad the starting price is $40. That’s already a lot. I wish they had Junior Auctions, or Sophomore Auction, or a Freshman Auction. That way you are sure to find someone you like in this big school. I want to be auctioned too. It’s nice if people fought over to buy me. As long as it isn’t someone weird, dangerous, nasty, freaky, or someone that is definitely NOT normal at all. Then it would be a nightmare. At least it would probaly be better than not being bought at all. Like being tossed in a corner like a used car. I’m not sure if I even will bid for anyone. But if I did, here are some thoughts as to what I want.

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