My friend stole my password!

For the past 2 days, my friend found my password to this account, and has been using it to play around with me. Actually he saw a couple of my accounts and passwords, and I’ll have to clean and check on those up too. I thought I stashed my accounts/passwords list somewhere safe, but I guess it fell off from the top of my bookcase, and that’s how he saw it. And for the past few days, he’s been using my account to do some funny business that I would never do. So if you ever saw weird pictures on my blog, strange posts, or anything of the like, then that was dumb Jake’s fault. He likes to play around a lot. Sometimes a bit too much I think. Some people say we kind of act alike though. Like we talk the same way, write the same way, even think the same way. Like it’s copying. I know for sure that I don’t copy, but Jake, hmm. I decided to change my passwords on all them, and now Jake can’t get into them. I already got him to confess. He gave himself away by putting his distinct tree house on my Flickr. I’m still kind of angry at him for doing that though. I mean he put some really crazy stuff, that I can’t remember each one at all. I would never have put the stuff he did on here. So if you saw anything you didn’t like, I’m sorry. I’ll try to be more careful with my info. next time. Just remember that whereever you hide your secrets, make sure they are in a safe spot. Or else.

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