JVHS ranked #1 tech-savvy school of the nation

According to HI-TECH magazine http://hi-tech.com/bestofthebest/articles/2342343 Jersey Village High School rank #1 in the nation for the most tech-savvy school. The article is pretty detailed so let me sum it up. CFISD (Cyrpress Fairbanks Independent School District), Microsoft, Samsung, AT&T are partners for a special research project call School of the Future(SOFT) that gives the latest technology and most futuristic school, to the hands of a regular normal Texas public high school. The students in the program are given the latest hi-tech gadgets(for ex: exclusive tablet PC, specialized software for Windows OS, and a new form of digital connection all from these partners) from these partners, and test it out to see if students can use them to do better in school. With these things, there is no need for paper, pencils, pens, textbooks, library books, and anything of that kind for the students. It’s all in their tablet PC’s. The whole campus has Wi-Fi, including parts of the surrounding residential areas of Jersey Village, so students can connect anywhere there, including the football field. They are testing special MS Encarta software, for the next generation of a school platform software. What’s really unique is that these are just normal public school students testing it, not super smart, nerds doing it. CFISD is known for implementing various testing of things at it’s campuses, including testing boy vs. girls separted classes at Arnold middle school, giving very high quality lunch food, including lobster, caviar, and other rich food at Cy-Woods HS, using a completely energy-efficient building at Langham Creek HS, among other testing grounds for analysis of school studies. Besides the tech side of JV, the campus is also given an LEED gold status for being extremely energy-efficients, is ranked among the highest in Texas for it’s clubs and organizations, has achieved many academic awards, has been honored a few times by the Texas League of Sports Association, and is given an AIA architecture award for being one of the most unique buildings and futurisitc type buildings built by Frank Gehry.
The article goes a bit more detailed on this stuff, but this is the basic skim of it. I attend JVHS, so I do know a thing or two about it. What the article says is true, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I can tell you a whole lot more cool things about JVHS, than you could possibly know of. It’s a really cool school, you gotta believe it.

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