My mom is so unfair!

Ugh. My mom is always so unfair. Today, she just bought one of those Banquet frozen dinners, and she only just bought one. I expected to get it. But my little brother wanted it too. She said we had to decide ourselves. I suggested that we both don’t eat it. Because I’d rather have nobody eating it, than my brother. But he didn’t want that, and I kind of didn’t want that either. So we did Paper, Scissors, Rocks. I won the first one. My brother won the second one. I really didn’t want to do the third one. So we looked for another idea. I suggested we roll dice to see who wins. My brother, as usual, didn’t want to do that. So I came up with another idea to write down what our 3 choices for Paper, Scissors, Rocks on paper, so that both of us couldn’t cheat. We did it. We compared it. I put mines all rocks. He put Scissors, Paper, and Rock. We got a tie on one. He won one. I won the last one. So it ended in a tie. My brother wanted to try something else, but I wanted to keep doing the paper thing. He said we ‘have’ to have different activities. I questioned who said we have to, he said just him. I didn’t accept that. He then decided the dice idea was good. But I changed my mind on that. It’s possible that either one of us could know some dice tricks, and use it to cheat. He questioned how a 10-year old would know that stuff. I said people can do weird things, and it won’t happen by chance. He then decided that we should close a door between us, and do either P, S, or R., and that one of us could open the door. I said that the person opening the door, would have a chance to see what the other person was doing, and could quickly change positions if he wanted to. He even said I could open the door. But I think he would then accuse me of cheating, if I win, since I had the advantage point. I said that our hands can always change, but what’s put on paper won’t, but he didn’t want to do that again. We spent like 1/2 an hour on this. We kept arguing in my room, and our mom was starting to get frustrated. She said we either pick, or we both don’t eat it. I then AGAIN, said that me and him both can’t have it. I thought that was that. I went to get some of my things, but then I heard Alan taking it to put in the microwave. I questioned to my mom, that he can’t have it since we both can’t decide. But she said "Alan can have it anytime he wants. You two can still decide, but Alan will can always have it." So now Alan can have it even if we bother can’t decide? How fair is that? She always seems to side with him. It’s not just because he’s younger in this case. My mom said we can still decide, but I gave up. I have things to do, and I told my brother, "You can have it if you want. But you don’t really love me, and don’t expect anything nice from me. You also can’t go on my computer for a long time. Just know that I can’t care about you if you eat it." He went to eat it. He didn’t smirk, or give any sign of gloating, but at least I made his conscience feel guilty. Does this always have to happen? It’s because my mom can be so unfair. I mean, why couldn’t she just buy the same thing? She bought 1 Banquet dinner, and 2 other different frozen dinners, but none of them the same. If she would just pick the same things, none of us can fight. But no, it’s always my brother because he’s younger. I really hate my mom. She never listens to me. She always does what she wants, without my regards. Most moms actually listen to what their kids want. She doesn’t always agree with him, but in this case, it doesn’t make any sense to stay on his side, or any side. That’s why I really want to get out of this house, and live on my own. It’s too bad that I haven’t passed high school yet, and have a stable job. Otherwise than that, I will leave and never see my family again.

4 responses to “My mom is so unfair!

  1. well in this case i would recommend taking to your mother because the older one is suppose to get more than the one of course, he should respect you more because you are the lder one

    • The older kid shouldn’t get more than the other sibling. That is completely unfair and childish to think that. Every child should get the same amount privileges when they come of age and maturity to do so. how does the younger kid feel on Christmas morning when he/she opens up all of the presents but the older kid gets double that amount. That is unfair, and therefore the older kid should not receive any more than the younger kid does.

  2. That is just something your family has to work out. I see where your going with the unfair thing, but it’s just a frozen dinner. It’s not that big of a deal unless it starts getting worse. You said when you grow up you will grow up and move away and never see your family again. Is that really worth a cheap frozen dinner.

    Your taking this too far and making a terrible decision.

    • Sorry, this was a post from a long time ago. I guess I was in a bad mood that day and just wanted to rant it out somewhere. It’s just that my mother always does something annoying like this where she won’t even call to see what we’d like, or remember any of our favorite things, and just goes off and picks stuff at random. She’ll even buy things just on sale and hopes we’ll like and use them, where most times we don’t. We’re not picky kids usually, but our mother could use some better sense sometimes.

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