I got into the Falcoln Club!

I got into the Falcoln Club at JV High! The Falcoln club is the most exclusive club in the whole school. It’s where the top socialites of the school meets. The Falcoln Club, is basically where all the top(top as in the higher class, of many different criteria) students meet, hang out, and just party. It’s not like we have meetings or anything. It’s just a cool place to hang out after school. Kind of like a popular teen hangout place you might see in your town. Except this one is all exclusive, and everything is hip and almost free for it’s members. It’s only opened after school, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It even has a Lightspace® ( http://www.lightspacecorp.com/) in it, which is really cool for a high school. It’s so fun to dance on, with the light dancing around your feet and movements. And sometimes, there are games that we can play on it, using our bodies, which is really cool. Just go to the weblink I showed you.  There a snack/drink bar, and on Fridays, it’s free. There can only be 150 members every 6 weeks. So you have to be the best of the best to be there. They look at your 6 weeks report card, if you had any trouble, club you’re in, and all that. You have to pass several other requirements to be in it. Like:

  • You must have perfect attendence, or at least with no more fewer than 2 days per 6 weeks
  • You must be enrolled at Jersey Village High School (duh!)
  • You must have either recommendations from your teacher/supervisor, or particpate in a special rank
  • You must at least pay $20 up front to support the club
  • You may not invite friends that are not associated to the club with you, or there will be consequences.

All that, and much more, although some are really obvious. Here are the kinds of people that they except in the club:

  • Any sports players, whether it’s La Crosse, Football, Basketball, Baseball, or any Jersey Village sports teams of that kind are automatically accepted. (Although once that particular sports season ends, their out of the club after that 6 weeks, unless they have something from bullet #3 above)
  • Special ranked people, whether it’s from ROTC, Band, Orchestra, Drama, Model U.N., Key Club, Interact, anything of that kind. Just as long as your among the most important top ranked of any of those clubs/organizations
  • You must have really good grades, with no less than 1 B on your report card. (That’s the one I’m in)
  • You were recommended by a teacher
  • cheerleaders (of course)

So these are pretty high priority stuff. The only real thing you do at that club, is just mingle and meet with the other top people of the school. Sort of like a country club, or a real club, or any exclusive clubs of that kind. We’re basically the VIP’s of the school. It’s not like we get special privleges on tests or anything. It’s just at the club. We’re not that snobby. It’s bascially what everybody at Jersey Village wants to be in. There’s only 150 allowed, so you really have to be the best to get in it. At the club, you have to wear little name tags, that state your name, your position/business (the reason you’re even in there), and that’s about it. When you walk into the club, you have to place your finger on a fingerprint scanner to verify that it’s just really you, and not some friends, or any stranger. Talk about high security. We even had some celebrities that have visited there before. Like Hilary Duff once sang some songs during March of 05′ during a tour of Houston. Too bad I wasn’t there. Fork n’ Spoon played their songs there too. We had Bill Gates there one time, no duh, because of course he’s one of the reasons my school exists.. There were some other little stars and big stars that have been there too. So you can kinda see why I’m talking about this club so much




3 responses to “I got into the Falcoln Club!

  1. Hey Quickboy, thanks for your comment on my Space! Glad to know it\’s being read and people are enjoying it.
    I think your club sounds awesome, but it also sounds way too rigid and snobbish. Good for you that you were able to get in. Try not to get kicked out in 6 weeks. I personally wouldn\’t do well in such an exclusive club. I probably could meet the criteria if I tried, but it wouldn\’t be worth it to me. I have had issues with social exclusivity since I was in the Boy Scouts. But nevermind about that. Hope you can have fun and stay in the club. I mean that right there makes no sense. If these students are so elite, why set a limit on the number of members allowed? It\’s like kicking out their own. Sounds sucky. Oh my god, I\’m sorry I\’m dissing it and everything. Don\’t take this personally ok? You be cool and that\’s what\’s cool.

  2. hey that guy has highlighted JAM in his name maybe he like to eat it. thought id come here to say hi an instead find myself reading ur blogs as i have not yet seen them. interesting. sounds like alot of soon to be crims are in your school. glad you found ur way into that little club although it seems rather unreal. i mean something u see in a movie but never actually there. i dton realyl know why there is a club. but either way the way you talked about it i probably wouldnt want to BE in the club.. meh. i dont know. its so different in the USA. anyways have fun an make sure you blog blog blog about ur next day at the FALCOLN CLUB!

  3. @Ben-JAMin: thanks dude. I like your blog too. I guess it does sound kind of snobby, but I\’m still proud I get to be in it. Most people aren\’t that snobby. At least that I know of. I went there today, and it was pretty ok. I did get to meet some cool people, but that\’s it. I would never be snobby
    @MorningStarNinjette: My school is a bit different from most American schools. If you read one of my other blog post from November 5, you can see my school is a bit different. It\’s kind of an expiramental school, testing if going to extreme levels of education can help students. More or less to me, it\’s just plain cool. I guess it does sound like it comes from a movie or something, but it\’s true.

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