Somebody broke the gigantic video screen!

I just heard from some friends that the big video screen at the top/front of the school building just fizzed out. It was just after the school play of Beauty and the Beast, that people were leaving, when the video screen just made this loud booming noise, and the whole thing just turned black. Blank black. As in not working black. People are thinking it must have been some short power failure, that must have just came from the recent thunderstorm that hit here tonight, that resulted in the video screen being obsolete. I hope they get it fixed by Monday. How long does it take to fix a video screen? It shouldn’t take more than 2 days. The video screen shows everything that’s happening at school. Sometimes, it shows live previews, of what’s going on inside right now, if there’s some event like a basketball game, a dance, or performance, and just play a little bit of that, to lure some people in. And JVTV does the announcements on it. So to me, it’s important. It’s also kind of cool, since most schools don’t have a gigantic video screen, on the front of the building, along the top floor. Kind of like the fancy casinos in Las Vegas, or the Montecito in Las Vegas (TV show), like 1 of Times Square’s many video screens, or at a Major League Stadium. I would say it’s as big as 1/5 of the top floor, like about 6 meters in width, and 4.5 meters in height. And that’s pretty big. So I hope they have good luck fixing it. It’s one of the many things, that people notice when they come to school. I wonder if rain can damage it anyhow?

3 responses to “Somebody broke the gigantic video screen!

  1. Thanks for coming by,and thanks for the kind comments.The photos of San Francisco are very good,did you take them?

  2. hi  I\’m an italian girl your blog is wonderful for me. wow it\’ll be pretty to have a big screen in front of your scholl 🙂 I\’d like to have it here….but in Italy is just a miracle to have  a parking in front of it 🙂
    kisses and if you have pleasure, you can pass to my blog too bye bye
    p.s I hope your big screen scholl, will be repaired soon 🙂

  3. @Tani: Thank you. No. I found them, and just thought I should share them. Thanks for visiting.
    @Cat girl: Thank you. It\’s cool that you live in Italy though. I\’ll visit your blog too.

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