Things going on at JV

There’s some can drive being done by Utopia Club (I seroiously don’t know what they do) and you can give the cans to your math teacher. I donated 4 cans today. I gave 1 Ravioli, 1 Lasagna, and 2 Campbell’s soups. It feels good to help out the homeless people. It also feels good to get a free 100 for giving just 3 cans. Now really, I also did it to get help win the doughnut party. And to help the homeless people. That’s really important too.
There has been a drama play for weeks already. And the last shows are today 7:00, and Saturday: 2:30 Tickets cost $12 at the door. I’m going on Saturday. I heard the drama plays were good.
We won last night’s game against Cy-Woods. I think their marching band sounded awful. It’s probaly cause they’re still a new school.
If you haven heard, or even know of, Anime Club has been canceled.  It turns out that somebody in that club stole Frankie’s Nintendo DS. They don’t know who. That’s why I suppose they canceled the whole club. I don’t like anime much though, so it doesn’t hurt me. But if I was being a detective about this like I usually do, I would think this: If I was the thief, I would have hided it somewhere real quick after I stole it. I would hide it somewhere not so visible, and retrieve it later, in case somebody finds out real quick, and might demand searching through everybody. There are things that could complicate this like:
  1. How long was it since it was last seen, and since the time it was discovered missing?
  2. Was everybody in the room at that time?
  3. Were there other people, outside of the club, inside the room at the time?
  4. Was there even a search through people’s belongings to make sure nobody slipped it there?
  5. What made everybody so sure the owner didn’t steal it himself, to get retribution back from the club? (okay, a bit too much)
  6. Was every nook and cranny searched as well?

There are way more questions I would ask at a crime scene like that, but of course, I’m not allowed to do that. Somebody stole it, and slipped it out, would be what the JV police say. So, too bad.

On Tuesday of next week, Boy’s basketball will start their first game against Spring Woods at JVHS:

  • 9th grade B/A – 4:20/6:30
  • 10th grade – 4:30
  • JV – 6:00
  • VAR – 7:30

Also on Tuesday, will be Girl’s Basketball playing at and against Clear Lake:

  • 9th Grade – 4:30
  • JV – 5:30
  • VAR – 7:00

Good Luck! That’s all I got for the latest news.



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