There will be an art gallery exhibit at school.

I just heard that there will be an art gallery exhibit, on the 4th floor, in the Falcoln Hall. There will be paintings by Frank Newbert and Seprite Zehmal. Both are partners that create paintings that have things on them. Like one of their paintings has some straws glued right on them. I can’t put any pictures, because their copyrighted. It’s free also. The exhibit will be open all day during school and after school. I already heard that the paintings already have some bids on them, like the painting called "My First Date" already is sold for more than $950. It has some movie tickets, a roll of those fun photos, you take in a photo booth, red kisses all over the canvas, and other mementos you find on a 1st date. It’s really cool looking. I’ll go through it on Monday.

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