Vandalism to the fountains

Somebody did vandalism to the high spraying fountains in the front of the school today. That person placed buckets of liquid soap and green food coloring in the fountain, and as you can guess, the fountain are spraying bubbly green stuff in the air. The maintenance team had to shut down the fountains. They caught the kids using security cameras, and by people who witnessed the aftermath of the vandalism, right after seeing the school play. Several people who had left early, saw some kids dump something in the fountain, and ran away. "They saw me and my friends coming out, and scrammed off across the street," said Gloria Hernandez, a junior. "I recognized one of the kids though, because he lived on my street." Gloria told the school, and the several officers went to David Lumsfield’s house, to question him and his friends. They finally cracked down, and were given punishment to clean the fountain, and do detention. "It was only a joke," said Brian Travis, one of the boys. "We thought it was just funny, and it didn’t hurt no one." "It wasn’t that funny. I got sprayed by some of that water,"said Matt Franklin, a sophomore actor. The fountain incident has nothing to do with the video screen incedent said JV officials. The video screen failed because of the thunderstorms, not vandalism. The video screen did get fixed today, though.

4 responses to “Vandalism to the fountains

  1. Dude, I so cannot believe that you like FW Dixon\’s books! And C Keene\’s! I used to be very into them. There was nothing better than the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Don\’t know a lot of people who\’ve even heard of them now.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my site!
    I once lived in apartment building where the kids downstairs would always put junk (Top Ramon noodles, whip cream, whatever) in the fountain. It made us crazy! The family was so messy. There garbage was everywhere! The day that we were moving, they got evicted. We were a little sad that they only got evicted as we were leaving and not sooner.

  3. @FERHAT TOPAL: thank you for visiting. I don\’t understand much of the Turkish, or what language that is on your sight though.
    @Ben-JAMin: I still LOVE the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. They also still make new books, except they are in first-person view. They even make Nancy Drew PC games, which I love to play, and have solved all of them already. I just wished it was easier to find books made in the 80\’s and 90\’s though.
    @… And The Little Minion: Thanks! I liked your site too. Love the baby pictures. It\’s nice to see you here. Kids that threw stuff in the fountains? Wow, that must have been some smelly mess! I hope it wasn\’t that bad.

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