Dynamos win MLS cup!

Yes! My hometeam won a Major League title! It’s about time! We haven’t won one since The Comets (WNBA) won one back in 2000. We defeated the New England Revolution in a 4-3 shootout after a long(and boring) 1-1 tie. It feels great that Houston got another honor. I heard there were a lot of people at Pizza Hut Park. 22,427 according to my newspaper. I might buy an orange Dynamo shirt if I could just find a place to get one. The Dynamos are our first major league soccer team hear in Houston. They play at Robertsons Stadium, which University of Houston shared with. I heard that Robertsons Stadium is yucky though, with rats, and it’s ugly. But Houston wouldn’t build a new stadium just for them. Too bad, it seems like the Dynamos deserve it. The team came here from San Jose, California, which I think is pretty cool. I’m glad that there is finally a soccer team here in Houston. It gives the soccer fans here something more to appreciate. I’m not really a soccer fan though, more of a football fan. But I still support anything with Houston pride. They were previously called Houston 1836, but Hispanic cried that the name represents Texas defeat over Mexico, although it was orignally intended to be the year Houston was found. I personally liked the old logo, and maybe the old name. Sheesh. That was stupid. Nobody actually was trying to intend the original logo to be racist. It’s only because those people tried to make something bad out of it. That’s what happens when you’re negative, and make things worse. The name Dynamos sounds ok, but I still like the orignal logo.

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