Air conditioner broken at JV + some other interesting news

The air conditioner broke today at school. It was kinda hot, considering we live in Houston, TX. I didn’t really notice much hotness. It was only till my last class, that it was really hot. But I can stand it. It’s because I’m a man. A man that can stand extreme temperatures. It didn’t work the whole day, because it just didn’t work, not like anybody did anything.
In other news:
  • a plane crashed in Indiana with either 4 or 5 killed
  • the Philadelphia Zoo, like other zoos read to do so, has stopped it’s elephant exhibit and will give the elephants to a conservation place, because it’s too hard to keep up with the elephant’s need for space.
  • KFC has changed their logo so that instead of Colonel Sanders wearing a suit, he’s wearing an apron. There are more bold colors, and they will also try making their restaurants better
  • San Francisco has dropped out of the U.S. Olympic race. Because the San Fransico 49ers moved to Santa Clare (30 miles off of S.F.), and the Olympic plans included a football stadium as a centerpiece
  • a rare stamp, the "Inverted Jenny", was found on a ballot, but got placed in the ballot box, which by U.S. laws can’t be open. Something like that. Another news now says that it might be a reproduction, or fake of it. who knows?
  • The Zune, Microsoft news music player has just launched across U.S. stores.
  • The city of Paris is devasted after a large meteortie hit just west of it, many are not living (just kidding, not real at all)

That’s all I have for today, or at least for right now.


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