I love my tablet PC!

I love my tablet PC a lot. I love that you can write directly on the screen like it’s a slate or a board. I love it’s shiny glossy black look. I love how it works so well with everything. I am pleased that my school uses tablet PC’s all the time. That’s why we never need notebook paper, copies of quizzes and tests, or boring bulky textbooks. It’s all located in my tablet. It works way better than getting papercuts. I love how it’s so easy to use, with no tricks involved in it. Sometimes I wish there were even more ways to make it better, like maybe have it in more customizable looks, like fancy face plates or something to make it more unique. I just wish that more people could experience the wonderful magic of tablet PC’s. They are just things of the future. To make it more easier to understand:

Laptop + Touchscreen = Tablet PC

That’s what a Tablet PC really is. It’s basically a laptop, and a touchscreen mixed together. That’s what makes them so versatile. I hear that Tablet PC’s are more expensive than laptops, but I think they are well worth it. Of course, I didn’t buy my tablet PC (the school did), but Tablet PC’s are basically the new way of life. Whoever came up with the idea is a genious. So here are some thoughts about Tablet PC’s.



One response to “I love my tablet PC!

  1. wow ive never heard tablet PC before until now so feel proud your teaching me new things in life! touchscreen laptop DOES sound expensive i mean duuuuude wayyy cool though an thinking that ur awesome now. i know im a nerd basing awesomeness on being able to tell me what a tablet pc is. thanks for the basic mathematics on it all otherwise i woulda read ur blog an been like "oooooh.. uhhh.. whats a tablet pc" lol

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