Next Week is Thanksgiving week

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving week! I so need a break from school. It’s not too hard, but my brain could use a little more snooze. I won’t be going anywhere for Thanksgiving though, as usual. I’ll just stay at home. My mom usually makes our Thanksgiving dinner, and my whole family, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and everyone else comes and visits. They’re ok, but I wouldn’t mind if they all didn’t come. That’s what usually happens every year. Tomorrow, or Friday the 17th, will be Pie Day. Pie Day is where band/orchestra students bring a pie to school to share with other members, and the faculty. I’m not in band, but I’ll try to sneak in with some friends during lunch to get a slice. I just hope they don’t have humble pie. The only real pies I’ve ever eaten were cherry and apple. But I would love to see blueberry, or blackberry, because I think those taste awesome. We got the class election results:
Kenny – Presdident
Somebody – Vice President
Chrisitie Nguyen – Treasurer
Somebody – Secretary
Somebody, Somebody, Somebody – Representatives
I didn’t get the rest, because I couldn’t hear them on the announcements. And the website needs updating, pronto. I’ll update this post when I get the real people.
I picked Christie for president, at least that’s good. My mom, and her mom are friends. She’s a basketball player, and she’s a hardworking person, so I think she deserves to be treasurer. That’s all I have for updates.

2 responses to “Next Week is Thanksgiving week

  1. OH MY GOSH! there is actuallya  pie day at ur school. dude i so have to tell my boyfriend that he\’s goin to piss his panties (why are u laughing all real men wear panties u know)… thanks for replying yet again it made me feel special and yes angry beavers were the bomb digity and still are even the repeats are great but we dont get them here on pov tv only pay tv an of course my family is pov so no more angry beavers for us "SPOOT!" oh man i am SO muscular beavers counterpart.

  2. thank you for visiting my space n enjoy the agriculture photo but it seems not so many people interested in. well at least you like it that is great. Turst me before this show is much much bigger n fun, just rabbits already had more than few hundred different one, but this time they only put total 20 bunnies, what a disappointment. The piegons, chickens, ducks, peasants are so beautiful some yoou never see before but all gone, too bad. I hope your area\’s show will not be so political correct n worry, becaseu human being had mix with house animal for thousand years, as long as you keep clean environment, n pay extra attention it will be fine. actually i think once a while come in contact with house animal can help one built up immune system. good luck to you , thanks again, keep in touch

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