Beautiful Saturday – Renaissance Festival – Turkey

Today is such a beautiful day here in Houston. It’s cool and sunny outside, a perfect fall day. I’m gonna ride my bike around and see what’s going on. What I really want to go to is the Renaissance Festival in Plantersville (NW of Houston near Magnolia) and see what it looks like. I’ve always heard of Renaissance Festivals, on TV, and in books, but I’ve never been to a real one. So I’ll try to see if I can go during my Thanksgiving break to try it out. I just hope not everybody has a costume there, because I don’t have one, and would look stupid. It will be opened all during November until dusk. Here is the site if you want to see it: I think I shall have a blast. I think some friends are going too, so I’ll go up with them. Otherwise than that, it’s just going to be another Thanksgiving, or turkey. My spanish teacher, Mr. Kauffman said that he would take some "Turducken" with him to visit his family in Indiana. At first we were all wondering what he meant, and he explained that it’s a mixture of turkey, duck, and chicken, hence the name Turducken. It’s not like they’re breeded together, it’s just that you stuff each meat in one another. He told me it was a cajun thing he learned hear, which sounds cool. I looked it up on the web, and it’s also called "Chuckie" or chicken, duck, and turkey. Wow, you learn something new everyday. That’s all I have for now.

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