Charles Dickens – Great Expectations

We been reading this boring book in English class, Great Expectations. It’s so boring and strange. Pip, the main character/narrator wants to be more great, and have a more better life, to win the love of Estella, the girl who is pretty and mean. If I was him, I would give up and go with Biddy. I’ve only gotten to chapter 16, and there’s like 53, I think. I hate the books we have to read for English, they are always so boring. They are always written like so long ago, that the language used isn’t relevant to today’s standards. Especially old English, which sounds so dull and boring. We also have to remember vocab words/literary terms, that we probaly won’t ever use again, at least not outside of school. I just wish we could read books about now, and topics of discussion, like moral issues, some politics, or at least something of interest. But no, we have to read books of little interest, and that’s so hard to read. I’m not saying that old books are bad, I even think they’re great. But if we HAD to read a book in English, I just wish it were of more importance.

2 responses to “Charles Dickens – Great Expectations

  1. I understand what you are saying. It is quite difficult to read books that are written in Old English. It\’s hard to enjoy a book when you have to constantly translate the meaning in your head. I suggest buying a version of the book your reading where it has the original old english version on the right side of the page and an understandable english translation on the other. I\’ve done that for other classic books, such as Hamlet, when I couldn\’t understand what the heck they were talking about.
    lol…hope you can survive through your english class.
    good luck

  2. Oh god, I agree. I was simply punishing myself reading this book – I got to about half way and just read the cliffnotes and finished it – thank god, the remaining half sounded equally as boring as well.

    The pace is…glacial. And such a long book too. Never again.

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