Museums and their collections – origins

Scientists, geologists, paleontologists, archaeologists, and other people in those type of fields find things all around the world. Sometimes, or most times, these artifacts or treasures are taken out of that country, and are often used, tested, showcased, and among other lab stuff, and go into other countries. To some people it seems wrong. Like things that came from France should belong in France, and not in the U.S. Or things that came from Mexico should stay in Mexico and not Australia. It should be honored in their country, and made so that people come to their country to see these prize collections and not other foreign countries. The Parthenon Marbles and the Benin Bronzes are examples. Both of the are in the British Museum, and originally came from Greece and Nigeria. Organizations have wanted them to return them back to their country where they belong. The British Museum says it doesn’t have to (or want to), and that if the British Museum didn’t protect them like they are now, than they would have been destroyed or damaged from where they once came from. Critics can agree with that, but they say that if those origins are willing to do what they can to preserve them, then they should still get them back. This controvery doesn’t go to just the British Museum. The Beech Hill Museum in Washington D.C. had controversey with their Maya Exhibit. The Egyptian Museum in Turin. There were things like illegal artifacts found there. Although it’s to mainly to false records from scrupulous dealers. Here’s what I think:
  • artifacts/artworks/important documents should all stay in the country of origin.
  • if a country wants to show off work from another country, they should obtain proper permission/documents to do so, or at least give replicas of the real thing ( I know replicas aren’t cool, but at least they are close to the real thing.)
  • the country’s important collections should be stored at it’s Capitol, under a very secure building

These things should help countries that are poor have tourists come from all around the world to see all their country’s collections, in their own country. Not some affluent country that doesn’t need another fancy collection for it’s people. I think these ideas should be implemented to make museums and archives more better for the people, than the museums.


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