Very cold and rainy here in Houston

Today it’s cold outside. First it started at 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and by the end of school at 3PM, the temperature was 39 degrees. That a drop of 41 degrees in just 7 hours. So it was pretty cold. Unfortunately not cold enough for snow. Dallas got snow however, which is so unfair. I love this kind of weather. Usually people, especially here in Houston, don’t like cold weather. But I love cold weather. It makes the sky look so rare and just earthy. You can hear the wind and it’s so silent outside. It’s almost like you’re alone in the world, if you didn’t see anyone. It’s just beautiful. Just after school, I was passing the Jersey Village Falcoln statue, in the back, and it was so beautiful. It stood there with it’s wings out wide, and contrasted so much against the dark, rainy, gloomy sky. Like it was preparing to fight the weather. I just wish I had a camera right then. Then you could see how beautiful it was. Everything else seems ok. Schools ok so far. Although I should be doing some work right now. I just hate it when good-looking people go up to your face and show off their butt to you. Or at least the way this guy did when I was talking with somebody. He claimed that I liked it. Like I was gay or something. Whether I liked it or not, I just wish that I could be good-looking like him. It’s a wonder people even talk to me, including my friends. We have final exams like 2 weeks from now, and I know I will dread it. Is my blog starting to sound boring. It’s probaly because I don’t have time to update it much. Sorry. Since tomorrow’s Friday, I’ll have plenty of time to write some good posts. I just hope nothing bad happens.

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