I got a Zune player!

My dad got me a Zune player for my birthday! I really wanted a black Zune for my birthday (which is on Dec. 6) and I got it! We’ve been looking at store for a week now, deciding which store had the better warranty. The Zune was pretty much the same price everywhere, though. Today, we went to Target, and bought the Zune, a Zune case, and a Monster adaptor. We tried it at home, and were real disatisifed, with some of the things. First, we couldn’t find any earphones with the Zune(althought that will be solved later), and the stupid Monster adaptor couldn’t fit in their at all, which made me real angry. So my dad said we would go there later, and do something about it. After my dad did his own things, we went to Best Buy to see how they did with the Zune. It was much better. The display was better, and it seemed other people were very interested in the Zune. In the end, we bought some Zune stuff. After we waited for the monitor to unfreeze, he rang up a Zune, a Zune Pass, a warranty thing, and 3 different Zune adaptors. We went to Target and returned everything but the Zune case and went on. The guy at Best Buy said for sure, there were headphones included with the Zune. So when I opened that box, I took a close inspection, and the found the little Zune adaptor, and some earphones. The boxes design was cool, but if I never lifted the other 2 flaps right next to the Zune, I would have never seen them. The other adaptors are really a car adaptor, a AC adaptor, and a USB cord thing. Still cool. The case I bought was black, just like my Zune. There were 3 color Zunes to choose from, but I picked black. The brown, isn’t really my color, but it’s not that bad. The white, seemed a little to frosting white to me. The player feels nice in my hand, and isn’t as bad as what all those other stupid review said. You could hear from lots of news services that the Zune was a big flop, and nobody will buy it. Ha. I bought a Zune, and so are some other people I know. So is that a flop, especially if other people in this country buy it? No. It’s not a complete success yet, but it probaly will gain some soon. The UI is really cool. It’s really nifty, and isn’t at all hard to navigate through. You can even put your own picture on their for a background. The songs play real nice, and everything. The Zune itself isn’t really ugly at all. Although it does on newspapers and reviewers who put blurry stock photos of them. There are some bad things about the Zune of course, but I’ll put them in a different post. So, before you put your minds in the crazy reviewers thoughts, just at least take a look at the Zune. Go to Best Buy or someplace that has a Zune on display, and just take a look at it. You might be surprised. I will also put some photos of my Zune later. My dad just found the USB cord to connect the camera to the computer this morning. It was missing for a long time.

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