Things I hate about the Zune

As much as I love my Zune, there are of course some things I don’t like about it. Here is a list of thing I just dislike of the Zune:
  • The Zune marketing/ads – "Welcome to the social"? What kind of social is that? More like join the cluster.The one where people barely have a Zune? It makes it look like something that everybody has. You also see a lot of pics of rock concerts, and punk stuff, I mean it would look like it appeals to rock fans, punks, skaterboys, anything like that, if you see some of their ads and pics. It should be marketed toward everyone. The ads should include something about the device, since most people don’t know a thing about it. I even came up with some of my own ads for the Zune, which I will place in another post.
  • limited product line – you can only buy a 30 GB Video model, that comes in black, brown, and white. Nothing less or more, just that. Brown is a bit unusual, but I don’t hate it, or like it. The black is nice (the one I have), the white seems more frosting like, rather than shiny white like the ipod. They should come up with more colors like green or pink to appeal more to the crowd. They should also come with less than 30 GB models to appeal to the cheaper crowd, and more than 30 GB models to appeal to the more power user person
  • the price – $249.99 is how much it cost at retail stores. It’s a bit steep to me, but that’s how much one of the ipods is. If I would have set the price, I would say maybe less than $225. Somewhere around $180 – $125. Not because the features are bad, but if they expect people to switch, the should make it less than the video ipod
  • no AC adaptor included – AC adaptors are for connecting to the power outlet and charging up your Zune. You have to buy it seperate. I think you have to buy it seperate for the ipod too. I really wish they included one
  • Zune Marketplace – I think the software is a bit buggy, but not so bad. It works, the UI is ok. However, there is no video or podcasts sold on the Marketplace. Kind of ironic, since the Zune has a nice big screen to watch video. But they did say that they will offer this soon, so this is only a minor problem. I just hope it doesn’t take too long. You also have to use Microsoft Points to purchase on there. No option to buy with real money. Songs are worth 79 points(99 cents). Same price kind of, but different currency. It helps if you have an Xbox, but not if you’re just some other average Joe.
  • send songs to other Zune only up to 30 ft. away – I wish it could pick up Zunes as far away as 60ft, or maybe 90 ft. At least you have a more probable likelyhood of meeting another Zune. At least as of right now. Also I wish you could send video. The wi-fi think is ok, but they’ll probaly expand on it some more, or course.
  • limited accessories – Zune of course is new, so not many things are made for it. The ipod of course already has tons of thing that can go with it, but it’s been here for like 5 years, right? So more manufacturers wil make stuff with the Zune. I’ve already seen some nice cases, and bought one. There are some nice things for your Zune, but it’s still limited.
  • only 2 million things on Marketplace – that’s ok, I guess. It’s not like I’m going to download 2 mil. songs. But it would be nice to have more. iTunes also includes TV shows which I would love to be on the Zune.
  • not so good launch – in some ways it was ok, but in other stuff, it was just bad. Nobody of course lined up very late or early just to buy the Zune, but the newspapers, and news centers just putting some negative things about the Zune didn’t help either. More or less they just picked it up from the same source, and made some prejudgements before it even came out. Now they are saying that it won’t pick up in mp3 market, and it will barely take away any potential ipod consumers.
  • earbuds are UNCOMFORTABLE – the earbuds that come with the Zune, aren’t so nice. When you put them in your ear, they feel awkward, and a bit too big. They fit and work, and you won’t notice too much after a while. But they should have made it more comfortable, and softer.

That’s as much as I can think of. (NOTE: these words shouldn’t make up your mind of the Zune. These are just some of my own thoughts. You might like some of them or not. So don’t just take my word, or anybody’s word about the Zune. Try it yourself. Go to Best Buy, Target, or some other retailer, to see what the Zune like, and test it out. Your observations will make you buy it. Not a critic.)


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