Things I love about the Zune

Even though I already listed some of the faults of the Zune (see post below), there are just as some good things too. I’ll be mainly listing things that make the Zune unique and more special to buy. Like:
  • built in wi-fi – yes, I know the only thing it can do is just send some songs and pictures, but overtime, it will have more capabilities, like buying your music directly from your Zune. We just have a to wait a little for additions like that.
  • very neat UI – i love the User interface. I love it way more than the ipod’s. It’s slick, nice, and is visually pleasing. I picked mine up, and simply learned how to work all the controls in less than 3 minutes. Maybe even more. All without a person helping me.
  • connectivity to the Xbox 360 – i love this feature. You can now sync your stuff with your 360. It’s limited in functions right now, like you can’t play videos on it, or radio, or other things. Yet again, I bet they’re working on it, and will make it tons better soon, with an update
  • big screen – I love a big screen to watch/look at stuff. I think the ipod’s screen is too small. The Zune screen size at least looks better for displaying stuff, although sometimes, the pics are fuzzy
  • nice scratch-resistant feel – the Zune was made to be scratch resistant. it even feels nice in your hands, if you try it. I forgot what it’s made out of, but it feels nice, and doesn’t scratch so easy.
  • portrait and landscape mode – when your watching videos or looking at pics, it will automatically go to landscape mode. Although you really can’t control how you want to view it, by tilting it. It does it on it’s own. Still a nice feature, that the ipod doesn’t have.
  • subscription service – if you want to buy stuff from Zune Marketplace, you can do it a la carte, or a subscription. Just pay a flat price of $14.99 (not in points) per month and get all the songs you want. Some people say that it cost more than what other music services make you pay. Whatever. I’m more of a la carte person instead.
  • a choice of brown – some people think it’s ugly, some people think it’s cool. whatever it is, you get to have a choice. I picked black because I like black more. Brown seems ok to me, it has a greenish tint around the edge, kind of like the bluish tint around my black one.
  • built in FM Radio – i love this feature. You can find some of your favortie local radio stations, and hear them on your Zune. You can even know the name of the song/artist, because radio stations are becoming more digital, by broadcasting some info. of the things you hear with it’s signals. Unfortunately, sometimes the radio stations(not the Zune) doesn’t completely broadcast everything that happens, so what you see, might not be what you hear.
  • it’s Microsoft money that will make it better – by now, you probaly know the business ways of Microsoft. Sometimes, it gives really great products, but loses it down on some of the other things. But when they feel motivated to do something, they’ll do it great. Like the Xbox in 2001. Most people thought it came too late, and it wouldn’t make a difference in today’s market. Look at it now. People are still buying Xbox 360’s, and they are still in popular demand, even with the Wii and PS3. It goes to show that they really can make a difference, when they feel motivated. Let’s just wish they could do that with all their products. Zune is definitely gonna hit Microsoft’s list of constant work.

That’s just some things I thought up the top of my head. The Zune really is nice if you get to know it. Not if you read sometimes biased reports of the Zune being a flop, by ipod lover. It’s like asking a Boston Red Sox fan," Which New York Yankee player you like best?" Just go to an electronics retailer, and just take a look at it. It might change your decision.


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