Zune – Squirting?

Apparently, the process where you send things from Zune to Zune, is called squirting. At least to what the makers of the Zune say. But why squirt? It just doesn’t sound quite right, if you really think about it. "I’m gonna squirt you a song, okay?" asks the boy to the girl. "Okay, but as long as it doesn’t hurt," say the little girl. Yeah, squirting just doesn’t fit. How about just simply saying "send" ? Much more easier(and way better) than saying squirt. Or how about "Zune"? Like "I’ll Zune you a song". Just replace squirt with Zune, and use Zune like a verb. Sort of like how Google is both a search engine, and a verb for searching (usually using Google) on the internet. And Zune could be both a music player, and the term for sending songs to other Zunes. It might sound generic, or like it’s copying Google, but it’s way better than saying "squirt".

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