Zune Ads – My version of the Zune ads

The Zune ads, I see on the web are just plain boring. Who are they marketing to? Kids that are big concert goers, who like a little bit of funk, who are in the most strangest places carrying Zunes, and just don’t fit in? Welcome to the social. Or should I say cluster? All those ads are completely lame. The only thing they do is show a brief image of somebody with a Zune, and just show off the Zune name. Those commercials are definitely not going to make people buy a Zune. Although I do like the most recent one, the one with the cookie. If I was in charge of Zune marketing, here is what I would do:
  1. Drop the slogan "Welcome to the Social" "Beam your Beats" and all that other nonsense. The Bohemian style of selling is just not working out. Those slogans are completely ridiculous. What social? There is no social, until lots of people buy Zunes. So that slogan doesn’t work right now. Drop it. Beaming beats? I thought they were going to use "squirting" your beats. These little slogans aren’t pulling anyone. If I had one, my best would be "Be connected". I think it apply’s to everything Zune. The Wi-fi, the Xbox 360, and all the stuff that the Zune can connect with.
  2. If I made the Zune commercials, they would look like these scenarios:
  • "Can you Zune it?" – in this commercial, there will be some sexy-sounding singer singing a little song, with the words "Can you Zune it?" frequently. You’ll see people at a train station Zuning songs to each other while the song goes on.
  • "I forgot my Zune!" – a boy (Jack) and his brother (Mark) grab 1 of 2 Zunes and hurries out of the house to get on the bus to school. Jack gets in the seat, and his friend wants to talk to him, but Jack says he needs to study some songs for his choir teacher. He pulls out a Zune, and turns it on, and realizes it’s not his, but it’s Mark’s. He wants to get up, and go get his Zune, but the bus driver makes a frown/growl that says don’t think about it mister! He really wants to study the songs real quik, so he calls his bro. to tell him that it’s his fault he can’t study, and that he’ll get him when they get off. Instead Mark has a better idea: Just Zune it. Mark zunes the the songs that Jack needs from his Zune, to Mark’s Zune, the one that Jack’s now holding. His brother says he’s a genius, and Mark grins and says, I know.
  • "Do you wanna Zune?" this commercial wil just have various Zunes all sending random songs to each other. You see one Zune sending rap to another Zune, and that Zune sends country to another Zune, and that Zune sends rock to another Zune and so on. To make it more intersting, every time somebody sends a Zune, the music type (whether it’s rap, country, rock, pop) will sound like a repetive words of Zune in it. Like when a Zune will send a rock music to another Zune, there will be a background of rock music sound, with the words Zune playing in tune with the background music. Or if somebody is sending rap music, you’ll hear the word "Zune" go in tune with the rap music. It’s just basically placing the word ‘Zune’ repetitively in the music that’s being sent, and the repetitive "Zune", will go in tune(or go along/mix along) with the music.
  • "Zune specs" – just a simple quik showcase of the main cool things about a Zune. Zunes will be displayed and you see quik 360 views of it all.
  • "Zune FM" – just a commercial of a girl who’s board of the music she has, and decides to listen to the built-in FM radio, and is very amazed at it.

With some ideas of these commercials, all the commericals will end with a logo of the Zune, on a brown background, with somebody saying in an awe whisper "Zune"

3. make a super cool Zune site. Not an official site, but more of what’s cool about the Zune, and why you should buy it. It should have a attractive/neat UI, great content, funny little video clips, a Zune studio, (where you can customize your own Zune, at least the outside, and can buy it), a blog section, neat pics, and all that.

4. celebrity endorsements/product placement – give celebrities a free Zune, and let them use it. Maybe, they’ll like it so much, that they’ll show it off sometimes, and the media will get wind of this, and maybe people might like it more. Or we could try product placement. Nothing too outstanding or lavish. Just like have a character be listening to some music, and at least a brief glimpse of seeing the person play around with the Zune. It might be noticed enough for people to really think the Zune can be anywhere, like the ipod is. Just make the Zune look like it’s something that people really use, and maybe the worldwide audience can at least think about the Zune. The thing is nobody really thinks that the Zune is really good at all, to replace the ipod, but it can be, and you have to show that people really do want to use the Zune. Celebrity endorsements/product placements really might help people feel that way.

5. get more ipod accesory makers to make Zune accesories – that way the Zune has more power, and makes it more appealing to the already low Zune users.

6. Show off the connection with the Xbox 360 – one of the great things I really like about the Zune is the connection with the Xbox 360. Although I really do think they can work more of the integration better, they have to show it off a bit. There are lots of Xbox 360 users out there, and the Zune might seem like something to them, if they know about it more.


These are just MY ideas of course, not the Zune team at all. But if they follow some of my guidlines, Zune marketing will be a sucess.




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