Museum of Natural Science Houston – Ben Franklin Exhibit

I visited the Museum of Natural Science today, just to see the Benjamin Franklin Exhibit. It was a rainy, wet, cool day. I’ve saw ads on the internet, TV, and the newspaper about the exhibit, so I thought I should go. It seemed interesting. My sister took me, as a birthday present. We got there, and it was amazing. I never knew an exhibit about a person’s life could be so interesting. I thought it would be just boring pieces of art, and lots of long narrative stuff about Franklin, along with boring important documents. It wasn’t. The people who made this exhibit did it real great. Along with art pieces, Franklin’s own possesions, and documents and pictures, there were interactive parts of the exhibit. One had a touchscreen, where you could see how hard it was to be Franklin, and how money was important. Another had Q & A’s about him, and you just pressed on an answer that you though was right. There was also a gigantic light-up display, where you could see what some of Franklin’s friends contributed to Philadelphia, and you press the button right next to them, and the lights, which extend up to the ceiling, light up. Some of the friend’s contributed to the same thing, so more than 1 light will go up. There were also cool maps, where you also press a button, and see the points where Franklin did something there, like his Postal Route, or something. There was also a giant screen where full big views of documents fluttered by, with a voice droning in English and Spanish. There were other cool things, but I forgot. There were also a few live people, who you can talk tThe exhibits were all great and they did a real great job of making it neat, and listing all the places where the pieces came from. I learned a bit more than I thought I would, which is really wonderful. In London, Ben lived at 36 Craven House which today is now a museum for Franklin. He did lots of travels in Europe. He was 1 of 11 children. He never lived in the country, but pretended to be a woman called Silence Dogood, who lived in the country, and always wrote letters to the editor about life’s hard times. He also had tons of other pseudonyms. There are like a 1,000 things or more about him, and you should really visit that Museum of Natural Science, to see it. I think it’s only until January, when the exhibit will move. The museum closes every day at 5. I also bought some souvenirs. A T-shirt with the words "Join, or Die" with the political cartoon of the broken up snake, representing the U.S. You might remember it during U.S. History. I also bought one of those president flash cards here’s a site pic of it :

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