A real falcoln at Jersey Village High School?

Lately, there have been rumors of a real falcon located on or near the campus of Jersey Village High School. Some people report hearing strange bird-like noises during the day, particularly near the rear of the building, that faces the track, and tollway. A few have claimed that they saw the bird, in the sky, flying. Could there really be an actual falcon at Jersey Village High? The mascot of the school had to come from somewhere, right? So what other way to explain it, but say there really is a falcoln. The northwest area of Houston, does indeed have a great variety of birds. Although falcolns are really rare, usually near dense forests, or mountains. We don’t have mountains, and the forests don’t seem dense enough, but they are probaly enough to help falcons. So maybe there is a falcon roaming near JVHS. But another question in mind is, does anybody own the falcoln? If there have been frequent reports of sensing a falcoln nearby, there must be some reason it’s there. Could it be that somebody owns it? A few kids who support this theory think that the principal, Ralph Funk, keeps it as a pet. They say he lets it go sometimes, just to attack pigeons. The Ecology Club, having heard this before, said they questioned the principal, if he is indeed harboring a real falcon on the school grounds. Doing so could violate state and federal laws the club says. Ralph Funk has denied of there being such a thing, and that it’s merely imagination, or troublemaking kids. Whatever it is, there does seem to be a real falcon at Jersey Village High. 

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