I’m bringing candies to all my classes on Friday!

Since next week we’ll be having exams all the time, and some people might not be there if they exempt, I decided to bring in candy this Friday, the 15th. I bought candy for all my classes except 3rd period, of which I don’t like. 2 of those classes I got more special candy. I’m going to give Hershey candy canes (which cost about 2.98 for a dozen) to my Geometry, formerlly English, and Spanish classes. I can’t do it for English class, because the teacher won’t let me, and I already bought the candy, so it’s too late. I bought 3 boxes for each class. I’ll give extras to close friends. In my other 2 classes, Biology, and World Geography, I bought something more special since I really love those 2 classes. I bought them some Ghirardelli chocolate squares. I bought the one that looks like is a 3 mixture bag of "Dark Chocolate with Mint Filling, 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling". They didn’t post the number of chocolate squares outside the bag, so I didn’t know what it was till I got home. It turns out they have 23 in each bag with 5 60% Cacao Dark choco, and 9 each of the other 2. I don’t know why they didn’t make it more equal. I bought 4 bags of them, with each costing $5.86 per bag. I was originally going to buy Choxie (http://sites.target.com/site/en/supertarget/supertarget_exclusive_brands.jsp?bsection=Choxie) when I saw it in a Target ad. They looked really cute, and really unique from other candies. The looks are the only good thing about it though. After I read several reviews, it turns out the chocolates don’t taste as good as they look or sound. Whoopsie. I was just checking out their site, and they must have updated it since yesterday. I only heard their weird flavors like "Chile Limon, Jasmine, Apple Pie" and whatnot. But the ad I saw was a Christmas version of the Artisan Truffle tiles, and I thought the flavors were the same as the bad ones. Turns out not. Oh well, it’s too late. I bought what I got. Well, if people said their other artisan truffles tasted bad, maybe these do too. I haven’t read any reviews about the Christmas one though. Well, they’re pretty expensive anyways. $7 for 8 tiles. That’s a lot. Especially when you have 63 mouths to feed. Which would really be like $55. Way too much! I guess I’ll wait till next year. I put some real poor planning on this one. The reason I even will give out candy is because it makes me feel better to give out candy. It makes me feel like I’m doing something good, and is just the gift of giving. It also might make people respect me more, and like me more, if they think I have all the goods. It would feel great to garner all that attention. If they like my candy of course. Chocolate mint candy canes and Ghiradelli chocolates won’t do it I think. I just better hope is all.

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