Worried about final exams

I’m so worried about the final exams. I know that colleges want to look to see if you had A’s on your semester grades. So far, most of my classes are that way, except for 2 I think. In biology, I have an 88.3, and if I want to bring it to an A for semester grade, I have to make a 97 on my final exam. Do they always make it so hard or what? I’m exempting that class anyway. I think I’ll try to do the test, but I’m still not sure. The other class I think I have a B in is, English. I didn’t catch what grade I got, but I assume it’s a B. I also assume, that I won’t get an A in that class either. I know having high B’s won’t kill me, but I still would feel tons better if I could just get an A for my semester grade. In Spanish, I’m doing so well, that I only need to make a 42 to still make an A. I just wish I could transfer some of those points to my other classes. Unfortunately, we can’t do that. I guess I’ll just see next week. If I hear it’s hard, then I won’t do it. If it sounds easy, then I’ll try it. I just wish I was perfect like the other people in my Biology K class. What I’m really worried about is English, though. English is so hard. That’s why I’m exempting it next semester. As a freshman, I can only do one class per semester, and no repeats during the 2nd semester. There won’t be an essay on the 1st semester one, but there will be one on the 2nd semester. I’m so worried! I’ll just try to do the best I can. I just have to believe in myself. I wish somebody would comment and support me.

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