Christmas Gala – Jersey Village High School

On December 24, Christmas Eve, there will be a Christmas gala. Yeah, I know, it’s weird that school would just open to have a dinner party, but you know JVHS, it’s always doing something cool/interesting. I guess if you’re not going anywhere on Christmas Eve, or you don’t have anything to do, you might as well go to the Christmas Gala. It will be a black-tie dinner, meaning that you have to dress up in nice clothes and all that. And it’s no party either, it’s a really fancy dinner, with baked ham, roasted turkey, scalloped potatoes, wine, and all the good stuff. Tickets will cost $22 only at the door, or if you entered in the raffle ticket contest yesterday, you can have a dinner for free. Only students or parents can come. No little brothers or sisters, even from 8th grade. I heard that most guys are going to wear tuxedos, and heavy-branded designer suits. I’ll wear a tuxedo. And girls are going to wear really silky, knee length dresses. That seems fancy to me. There’s going to be choir singing Christmas carols all over the campus, whether you’re at the entrance, the main dining hall, or even the Horticultural Gardens, there’ll be live singers. Orchestra will also be playing Christmas songs along with the choir in only the main dining hall. I heard them practice last Thursday, and it’s gonna be wonderful. There won’t be any Santa’s at the dinner, so don’t bring little bro’s or sis. It will start at 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM. I think it’s gonna be really amazing. Have you seen the cool Season’s Holiday sculptures at the entrance of the school? Woodcraft and art make such a good duo. If you haven’t seen them, there are some sculptures at the entrance of the school, showing off all of the big Season Holdiays. There’s a gigantc big (wooden) Christmas tree, decorated with lots of paint and glitter, that you would almost think it was real. There’s a big beautiful menorah and dreidal to celebrate Hanukkah. A nice candle stand for Kwanza, and one those Chinese dragons you see in parades to celebrate Chinese New Year. You can say thanks for the Multicultrual Club for creating this display. Ok, so there’s gonna be a big fancy dinner, with singers and insturments, and a beautiful setting. What else is there? Besides the Banquet Hall(a.k.a. the cafeteria) and the Horticultral gardens being opened, the fitness center + swim pool, Starbucks, JV Snack Bar, Baskin Robins, theater, track + fields, library, Music Lounge, Outdoor Pavillions, Falcoln Store, will be opened. All other corridors or rooms will be shut off. At the end of the feast, there will be a big fireworks display ending the evening. So come to the Christmas Gala¬† – the social event of the season!

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