My candy didn’t work! Nobody likes me!

A few days ago, I told you I would bring some Christmas candy for my classes, since it’s the holiday and all. But I don’t think I told you why. Sure, maybe it’s because I’m a nice guy and all, but I did have some other reasons. I wanted to do so, so I could get more people to like me. Kind of, or at least to see if somebody does like me. If somebody rejected my offer to give them a candy cane/chocolate, I would assume that they don’t like me, because they won’t take my candy. They don’t trust me or anything like that. If somebody did take a candy cane/chocolate, then they probaly do like me. Now I know there are some loopholes with that, but I’ll tell you the counter-reasons. If somebody did take my candy then it could mean 2 things : 1) They really just like my candy and want one. 2) They are being polite, and will accept, but will probaly toss it away later. Most likely, I assumed #2 was what everybody who took my candy thought. I know my candy ain’t top of the line and all, but come on, it isn’t that bad. Hershey mint chocolate candy canes, and Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares aren’t that bad. Maybe, they did like my candy, but most often, I saw people accept it, and did not eat it right away. Some people did, and some people didn’t. The people who didn’t probaly were just the polite ones. Although if the people who did take my candy, maybe they just like me because of my candy, and not me. I hope not. Now there are some things to conclude if they didn’t accept my offer: 1) They really just aren’t in the mood for candy(especially the day before final exams), or they just simply don’t like the candy. 2) They hate me and won’t accept the candy at all, because of their hatred for me. Now I know #1 in both examples seemed very more logical, but the #2’s could also be possible. It made me feel bad when somebody didn’t accept my candy. Some notable people who didn’t take my candy were: Garrett Graham-the football quarterback, Allison-the very smart/tough girl, Hope-the utlra-perfect girl there is, Max Vasquez-a nice ROTC person, among many other respected colleagues at my school. So it made me feel real disappointed when those key people didn’t take it. Stephanie Claiborne-who is the always logical Orchestra player, said that there is nothing wrong with me, and said that #1 of my examples are just the reason why, and you can’t truly judge if people like you if they take your candy or not. Maybe she’s right, but I’m still disappointed that I basically had to shove all my candy canes to some people, and was left with a 1 bag almost still full of chocolate. When somebody ever said "No thank you" I would always respond, "Oh, is it because you don’t like me?" i would say in a menacing tone. And usually, they would respond, "Oh, no, it’s just that I don’t like dark chocolate/i already had enough/i don’t like chocolate" The most said one though was not like dark chocolate. Do you like dark chocolate? Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten dark chocolate Ghiradelli squares. I only got them because they seemed decent and Christmacy enough. Maybe I’ll just stick to simple Reese’s cups next time.

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